Stickman Epic

A large street-art piece by Stickman on Eldridge St. in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, downtown New York City. The artist tends to work on a much smaller scale and has more visibility in SoHo and Nolita, so this artwork is a surprise both in scale and location.

Big Stickman

Street art by the ubiquitous Stickman. His stuff is everywhere in downtown New York City. We’ve never been a fan of Stickman, but we’ve always admired that he’s so prolific. That said, we certainly like the direction he’s been going with some recent work. Pictured here is a large paste-up on Crosby Street in SoHo. […]

Stickman Muzik

New York Street Art: We’ve never been fans or impressed with the street art work of Stickman. But we’ve changed out opinion lately with the recent appearance of these new music-sheet wheat-pastes by Stickman around downtown Manhattan. Really beautiful. This one is on a U.S. Postal Service mailbox on Elizabeth Street, in Nolita. © Ivan […]

330 Broome Street

New York Street Art: And one more shot of fresh music-sheet street art wheat-pasted on the door at 330 Broome Street, in the Lower East Side-Chinatown, New York City. © Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

330 Broome Street

New York Street Art:Another one of those stickman things, this one on a piece of sheet music wheat-pasted to a door at 330 Broome Street. © Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images