Another of Olek’s (a.k.a., Polish-born, New York-based artist Olek Agata’s) yarn-bombed bicycles in New York City. This one is parked in front of the Acne clothing shop in SoHo and looks weathered, the usual saturated hues Olek uses for these knitted artworks appear faded and lighter here due, we presume,Continue Reading

Last year the artist Olek ( a.k.a., Agata Oleksiak) covered an entire vintage Volkswagen Beetle in colorful crocheted yarn as part of an exhibition at the Henry Gallery in New York City. The yarnbombed car was parked on the street for months in front of the gallery. Here is moreContinue Reading

A super-awesome yarn-bombed shopping cart by the the artist Olek (a.k.a., Agata Olek) in the New York City Meat Packing District. We’ve featured work by Olek before and are fans of the NYC-based Polish artist, who also blogs about her work.

Two creative directions and artist collide in the form of this yarn-bombed grand piano: The acclaimed New York-based Polish artist Agata Olek has used her signature colors in a  knit-up of this piano under the Archway of the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The piano is one of 60 installedContinue Reading

An example of yarn-bombing par excellence: A Volkswagen Beetle and a bicycle completely wrapped in bright-colored knitted yarn on Elizabeth Street, south of Broome Street, in the Chinatown-Nolita hinterland of the Lower East Side, in downtown New York City. This is the work of Brooklyn-based Polish artist Agata Olek. Abso-f*cking-lutelyContinue Reading